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By issuing an warrant order, Kenton County law enforcement personnel can search and arrest anyone. A sworn response, a written declaration submitted under oath in front of an authority permitted by the court to issue affidavits, is used to get a warrant. The warrant must state that the specified subject committed a crime and provide supporting evidence.
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Information Specific To Kenton County, Kentucky.

Kenton County Sheriff’s Office (KCSO Warrant Search)
1840 Simon Kenton Wy #1200, Covington, KY 41011
Phone: (859) 392-1800

Covington Police Department
1 Police Memorial Dr, Covington, KY 41014
Phone: (859) 292-2222

Circuit Court (Felony)
230 Madison Ave, 3rd Fl Covington, KY 41011
Website (Limited)
Onsite Search Terminal – Yes

District Court (Misdemeanor, Juvenile, Ordinances, Traffic)
230 Madison Ave, 3rd Fl Covington, KY 41011
Website (Limited)
Onsite Search Terminal – Yes

Independence Police Department
5409 Madison Pike, Independence, KY 41051
Phone: (859) 356-2697

Kenton County Warrant Search Online

There are several methods for searching for warrant information when doing a Kenton County warrant search. One option is to go to the judicial system’s website. This website will provide a search engine where you may enter your name to discover warrant information.
Private databases provide another avenue for looking for warrant information. You may search for warrant information in these databases by name. These databases may be subject to a cost. They may, however, have more wide-ranging information than what is available on the regional court system’s website.
Some individuals work with private detectives to look into outstanding warrants. Private investigators have access to police records and can obtain information that is sometimes hard to get.

Having Access To Court Records

You can use Kenton County court systems to determine whether you have an arrest warrant. It would help if you contacted the county clerk where you believe the warrant was issued. The other option is to go to the courthouse and look for the information using the court record search terminal.

Kenton County Sheriff's Warrant Search

If you need a warrant record, you can call the Kenton County police. The police can assist you in determining whether there’s a warrant for a certain name. Remember that the police cannot represent you in court. If you are concerned about turning yourself in or want to learn more about your legal rights, you should consult an attorney.

Kenton County Bench Warrants

A Kenton County bench warrant is a legal order issued by a judge or court, usually in response to a request by police enforcement. It necessitates the individual’s appearance in court. Most bench warrants are issued when a person fails to appear for a scheduled court date.

List of Kenton County Arrest Warrants

An arrest warrant in Kenton County KY can instruct police personnel to arrest and transport a subject accused of committing a crime. Murder, rape, and robbery are common offenses for which they are issued. They can, however, be given for less serious violations such as disorderly conduct or public drunkenness.

Fugitive Arrest Warrant

Sometimes jurisdictions work together to return fugitives to their respective jurisdiction. This is usually accomplished through formal extradition processes with a fugitive warrant.

Search Warrant

A search warrant gives Kenton County authorities the authority to search an area for evidence of criminal behavior. These warrants are vital in the battle against crime because they allow authorities to collect evidence that the police may use to punish suspects. A court must approve a search warrant. This will specify the place to be searched and the type of evidence to be seized.

Free Warrant Searches in Kenton County, Kentucky

Contact your local authorities or the court that issued the warrant to get free warrant records.

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