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Louisville criminal records are essential resources for background checks, offering insight into an individual’s criminal history and the nature of their convictions. You can access criminal records directly from the court or through online databases. While the online option is quicker and more convenient, it’s worth remembering that some records might not be readily available in digital format.

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Local Sites For Louisville Kentucky Criminal Records

Louisville Metro Police Department
633 W Jefferson St, Louisville, KY 40202
Phone: (502) 574-7111
Police Report
Sex Offender Information

Circuit Court (Felony)
600 W Jefferson St, Rm 2008 Louisville, KY 40202
Web Lookup (Limited)
Onsite Search Terminal – Yes

District Court (Misdemeanor, Domestic Violence, Juvenile, Ordinances, Traffic)
600 W Jefferson St, Rm 2008 Louisville, KY 40202
Web Lookup (Limited)
Onsite Search Terminal – Yes

Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office (JCSO)
531 Court Pl #604, Louisville, KY 40202
Phone: (502) 574-5400
Inmate Search
Open Records Requests
Warrants and EPOs Guide
Sex Offender Search & Alert

Louisville Court Records

Using courts to find Louisville criminal records offers several advantages. For example, you can find comprehensive case information, especially if the case proceeded to trial. Furthermore, court records can supply insight into an individual’s frequency of legal problems.

Louisville Police Records

Public records are a reputable method to examine an individual’s Louisville criminal history. Normally available to the general public, these records reveal crucial information about an individual’s criminal past. They can be obtained by directly visiting the police department or calling the state’s police department.

Reports Of Arrests

Each state has unique laws regarding public records. Therefore, before starting your search, familiarize yourself with your state’s regulations. To acquire public Louisville arrest records, you must contact the appropriate government institution in the state where the arrest happened.

Reports Of Inmates

In the United States, inmate records are public and can be accessed using the right channels. In most cases, you’ll have to get in touch with the local Louisville sheriff’s office or state DOC to get copies of the records.

Types Of Criminal Records:


The appearance of a Louisville infraction on a criminal record check depends on its nature. Minor offenses like parking tickets are ruled out and hence will not appear on a criminal history check in most cases. However, a criminal record could include more severe infractions like negligent driving or disorderly conduct.


The definition of a misdemeanor can vary depending on jurisdiction however is normally viewed as a less serious offense than a felony. Louisville misdemeanors generally carry penalties of a fine and/or imprisonment. Examples include simple assault, petty theft, and disorderly behavior.

Louisville Felony Records

There are numerous types of Louisville felony crimes, including but not limited to murder, rape, armed robbery, and aggravated assault. These criminal offenses frequently result in lengthy prison sentences and can exceptionally impact both the victim’s and offender’s lives. In certain scenarios, a felony conviction can lead to losing important civil rights like voting or weapon ownership.

Listings Of Louisville Sexual Offenders

A sex offender database is a repository of personal details and convictions of sexual offenders, including their names, addresses, and other relevant details. These registries help Louisville police officials in tracking sex offenders. While the specifics of a sex offender registry can vary from state to state, many consist of the offender’s name, address, date of birth, physical description, and crime information.

Louisville Dui and Dwi Cases

Louisville DUIs, a category of crime usually categorized as a misdemeanor, can escalate to a felony in some states if a driver has numerous DUI convictions or if the DUI resulted in major injuries or deaths.

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